Monthly Archives: June 2016

Are you ready for AODA? Adaptations for your business

We’ve all heard the saying, “Adapt or die”. But when it comes to Ontario businesses adapting to AODA legislation, it takes on a whole new meaning. We’re not talking about changing product lines to suit the whims of fickle customers; AODA adaptations are about removing the barriers that make private businesses and public spaces inaccessible…
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Electronic locksets and alarms

Sometimes, manual locks just don’t cut the mustard. Perhaps you have a business to protect, and are worried that those old conventional security measures are leaving you vulnerable to unwanted elements. Or perhaps you’ve locked and barred your door at home and still came home one day to find someone else there. Whatever the case…
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In-service training helps Pro Locksmiths serve you better

Legitimate locksmiths can do all manner of things to help improve the security of your doors; our services go well beyond simply changing the locks! Sometimes only a re-key is necessary. This is when a lock is altered by a professional locksmith so that only a new key can operate it. Sometimes we can reinforce…
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Locks unpackaged: What different types of locks have to offer

At Pro Locksmiths, we sure know locks! But if you’re a Toronto homeowner trying to decide what you need, or assess whether your current locks are adequate to keep your family and your possessions safe, things get trickier. You aren’t a Journeyman, how will you ever tell the different types of locks apart and find…
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