Monthly Archives: August 2016

The do’s and don’ts of security cameras

If home security cameras seem a little extreme to you, consider that surveillance tech isn’t just for spy movies anymore; it can have a lot of very important uses, from nanny-cams to helping seniors stay in their homes longer by allowing caregivers to monitor them remotely. Home security surveillance systems also, of course, allow you…
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Six ways to open a door, and the locks that will stop them

It sounds like a riddle: name six ways to open a door. Go! If you said ‘use your key’, you’ve just named the 7th way – and the only legitimate way – to open a door. Unfortunately, there are six other ways people can get inside your home or business when you don’t want them…
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Protect your home with a home security audit

If you don’t believe that a simple walk-around can identify the weak points in your home security, consider the case of Margaret and Ray, the retired Mississauga couple who were worried about break-ins after a rash of vandalism incidents occurred in their neighbourhood. “One of our friends told us to do an audit, but we’re…
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Home security tech: the future is now

If you’re still making do with the good old lock ‘n key combo, you aren’t doing anything wrong; traditional manual locks have secured valuables, kept out intruders and protected property from unauthorized entry for centuries. But technological advances, once reserved for science fiction novels (or at the very least, mega-corporations that could afford space-age tech),…
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