Monthly Archives: September 2016

Electronic Entry Systems 1: The Intercom

You might be worried about vandalism, theft, or physical safety and wondering if old fashioned manual locks are going to be sufficient for your home or business. If that’s you, it might be time to look into electronic access control systems. Sophisticated criminals can bypass regular locks but they are often stymied by comprehensive electronic…
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Commercial vs. Residential Locksmith – What’s the Difference?

Unless you own a crazy huge business like McDonald’s, you might be diffident about hiring a commercial locksmith. After all, what’s the difference between a commercial locksmith in Toronto and their residential counterpart? Locks are locks, right? And more importantly, won’t a commercial locksmith charge an arm and a leg when they’re really providing the…
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What Your Toronto Locksmith Won’t Tell You…But We Will

For most people outside the locksmithing trade, our profession is a complete mystery. After all, no one learns even basic locksmith skills in school unless they actually plan to become a locksmith! As a result, the average person who calls a Toronto locksmith doesn’t always know the protocol or what to expect. Unfortunately, some Toronto…
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