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Outsmart the thief at the front door

How would you feel if someone broke into your home - which you have worked so hard to maintain and furnish with cherished possessions? Would you feel violated if someone threw a brick through your window, gained entry to your home and stole your priceless jewellery, emptied your child’s piggy bank, and made off with…
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Six ways to open a door, and the locks that will stop them

It sounds like a riddle: name six ways to open a door. Go! If you said ‘use your key’, you’ve just named the 7th way – and the only legitimate way – to open a door. Unfortunately, there are six other ways people can get inside your home or business when you don’t want them…
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Home Security Tips

Unless you’re a super-villain or a reclusive billionaire, the truth is that there are probably no teams of expert safe-crackers or cat burglars trying to get into your home. That’s not to say that criminals and thieves don’t exist – just that they are often amateurs who are looking for easy targets for their crimes.…
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What to expect in front door hardware for 2016

Just like couture, cars and phones, front door hardware has its own styles and trends which dominate the industry for a period of time. While quality materials and expert workmanship never go out of style, there are definite trends in door hardware that we can expect to see next year, as overall construction and building…
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