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Toronto burglars steal more than riches

Last month, Toronto Police arrested 8 people in connection with an organized break-and-enter ring that robbed over two dozen high-end homes in Toronto. While break and enter is actually on the decline in Toronto, thieves are still going where the getting is good - and often, that means targeting homes in wealthy neighbourhoods where the…
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When it comes to security, watch your mouth

At Pro Locksmiths, we’ve been helping GTA residents with all their home security needs for over three decades. As you can imagine, in well over 30 years, we’ve seen a lot. We’ve seen regrettable situations where people waited to upgrade their home security until they were broken into and lost everything. We’ve had the privilege…
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Put your Residential Locksmith on speed dial today

You may have heard about a kind of theft that has unfortunately targeted seniors in the GTA lately, called distraction theft. Distraction theft occurs when a thief approaches an elderly person and strikes up a conversation, often using children, babies, or a fake ‘spouse’ to appear safe and to provide several distractions at once. The…
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What Your Toronto Locksmith Won’t Tell You…But We Will

For most people outside the locksmithing trade, our profession is a complete mystery. After all, no one learns even basic locksmith skills in school unless they actually plan to become a locksmith! As a result, the average person who calls a Toronto locksmith doesn’t always know the protocol or what to expect. Unfortunately, some Toronto…
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