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Put your Residential Locksmith on speed dial today

You may have heard about a kind of theft that has unfortunately targeted seniors in the GTA lately, called distraction theft. Distraction theft occurs when a thief approaches an elderly person and strikes up a conversation, often using children, babies, or a fake ‘spouse’ to appear safe and to provide several distractions at once. The…
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Why you should use a quality lock and locksmith

Your security is important, that’s why! Just as you wouldn’t let a toddler walk down a busy city street alone, so too you wouldn’t want an unauthorized person walking into your home and posing a threat to your family or your precious possessions. You’ve spent a long time building up material possessions for you and…
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Picking the Right Lock for Your Home

Picking the Right Lock for Your Home – A Difficult Task that Rewards You with Safety and Security Burglars usually target easy-to-enter houses, so picking the right lock for your home is essential for your personal safety and for the security of your assets as well.  However, the market of quality locks is so diverse…
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