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Safes: Does size matter?

We’re talking about home security safes here. Of course, there are people who think that ‘bigger is better’, and when it comes to safes, the media and major motion picture industry has done nothing to dispel this myth. Whether it’s a bank robbery flick rife with images of the huge circular vault, or a drug…
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Community Alert! There’s been a break-in in your neighbourhood.

When Toronto Police leave a brochure in your mailbox stating that your neighbour has been broken into, you may naturally feel shock and apprehension: is your home next? Unfortunately, it could be – because the police don’t go to the trouble of making communities aware of imminent dangers until crimes have already occurred more than…
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The art and science of key cutting

It seems pretty easy: you move into a new place, they give you a set of keys, you immediately trundle on down to Home Depot and get 4 more sets made up for family members and spares. Yet if you’ve ever come home to find out, to your frustration, that those new keys don’t work,…
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Electronic Entry Systems 1: The Intercom

You might be worried about vandalism, theft, or physical safety and wondering if old fashioned manual locks are going to be sufficient for your home or business. If that’s you, it might be time to look into electronic access control systems. Sophisticated criminals can bypass regular locks but they are often stymied by comprehensive electronic…
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