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Fire resistant safes: What you need to know

When it comes to natural disasters, everyone is worried about something slightly different based on their own personal experiences and fears. If you have survived a hurricane, wind might be your thing; flood victims fear rising waters, and in some parts of the world, drought is the biggest killer. But anyone who has survived a…
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Community Alert! There’s been a break-in in your neighbourhood.

When Toronto Police leave a brochure in your mailbox stating that your neighbour has been broken into, you may naturally feel shock and apprehension: is your home next? Unfortunately, it could be – because the police don’t go to the trouble of making communities aware of imminent dangers until crimes have already occurred more than…
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The art and science of key cutting

It seems pretty easy: you move into a new place, they give you a set of keys, you immediately trundle on down to Home Depot and get 4 more sets made up for family members and spares. Yet if you’ve ever come home to find out, to your frustration, that those new keys don’t work,…
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Are you ready for AODA? Adaptations for your business

We’ve all heard the saying, “Adapt or die”. But when it comes to Ontario businesses adapting to AODA legislation, it takes on a whole new meaning. We’re not talking about changing product lines to suit the whims of fickle customers; AODA adaptations are about removing the barriers that make private businesses and public spaces inaccessible…
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