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Fire resistant safes: What you need to know

When it comes to natural disasters, everyone is worried about something slightly different based on their own personal experiences and fears. If you have survived a hurricane, wind might be your thing; flood victims fear rising waters, and in some parts of the world, drought is the biggest killer. But anyone who has survived a…
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Free-standing vs. Floor safe: Which is better?

February being the love month, not to mention the shortest month of the year, we have dedicated this month’s blog to safes – because the things you love can be gone in short order if you don’t keep them protected! In honour of ‘safe month’ at Pro Locksmiths, we’ve written about safes and what you…
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Safes: Does size matter?

We’re talking about home security safes here. Of course, there are people who think that ‘bigger is better’, and when it comes to safes, the media and major motion picture industry has done nothing to dispel this myth. Whether it’s a bank robbery flick rife with images of the huge circular vault, or a drug…
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