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Everything you need to secure your property.

Pro Locksmiths works with the best, most knowledgeable and most dedicated specialists in the field of locking hardware and computerized security systems. We provide a full range of products, from digital access control systems to automatic doors, intercoms, vaults and safes, to door handles and other door hardware solutions.

Pro Locksmiths has been providing locksmith and emergency locksmith services in Toronto for over 30 years. From a simple lock installation to the most advanced door systems, we do it all. We’ve been a part of the community, serving you while expanding our product line and offering additional services to meet the safety and security challenges of the 21st century.

We understand how important your home and office security are. That is why we also offer safes, safe installation and high security locks. We offer a wide range of high quality products that ensure our customers get the protection you need.

At Pro Locksmith we service both residential and commercial locksmithing requests to all of Toronto and surrounding cities, our host of clients ranges from buildings management, offices, schools, retails, government offices, hospitals etc In addition to our local residential locksmith clients.

Our available services include…

Cabinet Locking Systems

It’s easy to create a customized, fashionable look for your cabinets if you have the right hardware.

High Security Locks

Whether you are looking to improve the security of a commercial, residential, industrial or institutional space it is vital that you have locks that work well.

Access Control

When you need more security it’s important to know who is accessing your space and when they can get in.

Automatic Doors

Revamp your outmoded doors with automatic doors designed by our knowledgeable and dedicated professionals of locking hardware and digital security systems.

Electronic Locksets

Electronic locks are the ultimate combination of security and convenience.

Commercial Hardware

We understand that commercial locations have very different needs than those investing in hardware for private homes.

Security Cameras

Any space that sees a great deal of traffic will need to have extra security to make sure all is well.


When your building has a lot of people coming and going, you are going to need tools that will help you keep track of who is where.

Custom Mailboxes

Nothing adds to your curb appeal quite like custom mailboxes.


Any door that is constantly being opened and closed will need to be placed on high quality hinges to make sure that they do not wear out.

Safes & Vaults

You need to be able to keep your personal items secure and a safe is the best way to do that.

Door Handles

Your door handles need to be comfortable and easy to manage to make sure that you will not have to fumble around when you are trying to get in the door.

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