High Security Locks

High security locks might not be on the radar of the average Toronto, Ontario homeowner, but a burglary in the neighbourhood can change all that. Unfortunate events have a way of forcing us to assess our security weak spots, and that’s not a bad thing! If you walk around your home and try to think like someone who wants what you have, it will help you spot any ‘easier’ points of entry: that large basement window, the wide second-floor ledge, the back door you sometimes forget to lock when dashing out for a loaf of bread.

If you are wondering about the weaknesses in your own home, and not sure how to detect them or what to do about them, Pro Locksmiths, a security locksmith company in Toronto, can help. We’ll send a technician to walk around your home and do a full security assessment. Depending on your doors, your location and the level of security you desire, one of our recommendations might be changing out your old locks for high security locks.

What Makes a Lock ‘High Security’?

While all locks obviously help to secure your property, a lock that is designated ‘high security’ has some special features that make them a better choice when you are extra concerned about safety. A heavy duty high security lock has the following features:

  • Requires professional tools and expertise to install
  • Especially resistant to physical attacks
  • Pick resistant
  • Drill resistant
  • Bump proof (bumping is a burglary technique that involves sending vibrations through a key to ‘bump’ the locking mechanism into the unlocked position)
  • Resistant to wrench and crowbar attacks due to heavy-gauge, hardened steel construction
  • Extra-long screws on the strike plate anchor the strike directly to the structure behind the door frame to prevent the lock from being kicked in (wrap around strike plate)
  • Solid brass construction

Apart from these features, what’s the secret sauce that makes the lock itself so resistant to external attacks? Often these locks are complemented by key control, meaning that keys can be duplicated only by signature card. This prevents duplicate keys from falling into the wrong hands – and a duplicate key is definitely the easiest way to gain unauthorized entry to a building. Without a key, most burglars take one look at a reinforced, high security lock and decide not to bother.

How Do I Get High-Security Locks in Toronto?

When getting high-security locks in Toronto, the first requirement is to understand that high-security locks are more expensive than their regular counterparts. This is completely justified because these well-designed, heavy duty locks often come with a lifetime warranty which more than outweighs their cost – not to mention the burglary-foiling benefits that can save you a literal fortune over the lifetime of the lock. When you hold a high-security lock in your hand at our well-equipped showroom, you can literally feel the difference in terms of the weight of the lock.

Pro Locksmiths is a leading provider of high security deadbolts and security systems. We stock a variety of the finest brands of high security locks in the business, including Medeco, Yale, ASSA, Schlage and more.

High security locks may seem like a big investment, but the price compares favourably to other types of security systems…and let’s face it, can you really put a price on your peace of mind? If you are interested in upgrading your current deadbolt to a high-security variation, or simply finding out if high security locks would be good for you, just ask the security locksmith experts at Pro Locksmiths.

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