Toronto Locksmith Services: Residential

In addition to our commercial locksmith services and our emergency locksmith services, Pro Locksmiths, your top provider in Toronto locksmith services, is well equipped to safeguard your biggest investment; your home.


Residential Locksmith Solutions

When you sleep at night, how safe do you want to feel? When your security and locks are lacking in safety and are not as secure as they could be, your home cannot feel as safe as you deserve it to be. We offer you a wide range of locksmith services for residents of every Toronto neighbourhood and the surround GTA areas. We want you to feel complete satisfaction and are only concerned with the safety and security of your home.


Home Lockout Service Toronto

Pro Locksmiths is the leading provider in home lock out services in Toronto. For many years, we have been serving our customers in need of safety locksmith services.

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Toronto Rekeying Locks Service

Rekeying locks is the process of altering the lock and allowing a different key to open your lock. When you move into a new home or have a new tenant in your investment property, it is recommended that you have your locks rekeyed to prevent any unauthorized people whether they be former homeowners or tenants from having access to your properties.

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Home Security Locksmith Solutions

Home security is very important. To prevent a bad situation from ever occurring, the best way is preventive maintenance. As homeowners, you know that keeping yourself, your family and your valuables safe is important, but it requires the expert help of a professional locksmith.

Pro Locksmiths’ house security systems can help you uncover and discover areas that are often missed and potentially allow entry to your residential property for a clever thief or burglar.

Everything You Need to Feel Secure in Your Home

The state-of-the-art products we can provide have been manufactured using the latest technologies in the field. The range we offer to our residential customers include not only cabinet and door hardware of the highest quality, but also electronic locksets and advanced intercom systems. Our hinges and door handles are made of the highest quality materials and designed according to the latest technological achievements, and they are also esthetically pleasing, able to fit your home’s overall design. We also provide safes and vaults to keep your valuables secured against unauthorized access.

In our store, you can see and feel all our products, and our knowledgeable, trained associates will offer consultation and advice so that you can make an educated decision about the best locks to choose. If you need, our service technicians will help you install your new locks, delivering professional locksmith and home security services of the highest standard.

There are break-ins happening all the time, but with the high-tech products and top-notch locksmith services provided by Pro Locksmiths, you can be absolutely sure you have done everything you could to protect your home.

Pro Locksmiths are your ultimate experts in locks and doors


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